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   7 Best Tips on How to Take Care of Dental Implants

Dental implants are capable of bringing a huge smile to your lips as now you can get back your million dollar smile that you have always craved for. Though the dental implants have emerged as a boon in the oral care field, even they can get damaged if you do not take proper care of these structures.

No one wants a dental implant failure as it is quite embarrassing and depressing as one thinks that as if losing their original teeth was not enough, now even the dental implants are destroyed. But no need to fret!

There are ways in which you can minimise farther loss of teeth and dental implant failure. All you have to do is take care of your oral health so that you can retain your pearly whites in the best possible way.

Here are some tips recommended by the top dentist in Greenpoint so that you can take best care of your implants and ensure that they last year after year. Just read on about to achieve it.

  • Follow the Directions of the Dentist – For ensuring the success of dental implants, it is essential that you follow the instructions religiously as suggested by your dentist. These instructions are established by the experts who have toiled hard in this field since many years now and have the relevant training, education and experience. You will risk enhanced pain, swelling, infection or implant failure if you do not follow the instructions of your dentist.
  • Follow a Great Oral Care Regime – This won’t come as a shocker for any of you. Following a good oral care regime is important and brushing twice every day and flossing at least once are indispensable factors in such cases. You should brush each tooth daily in circular motions prior to rinsing the mouth about 15 times. It should not be longer than this. At the time of flossing the dental implants you should use water piks. They do not give rise to such sores as traditional floss does and they are much milder on the gums. Though this can be a bit tough to floss everyday but it is great for your dental implant and oral health.
  • Get Rid of Tobacco Products – Smoking is capable of inhibiting your ability for healing and enhancing the periodontal disease risk. Not only that, the risk factors of tooth decay, infection, dental implant failure and oral cancers also enhance because of this habit. That is why the dentists always advise to reduce the usage of tobacco or stop smoking before or after the oral surgery.
  • For Protecting the Dental Implants Your Should Use Mouth Guards– If you grind your teeth in your sleep there is a high chance that your dental implants will be damaged. So if you think that you also have a habit of this then you must talk to your dentist. They will provide you with a mouth guard that will protect your teeth as well as your dental implants. Apart from just the nights, mouth guards are also quite effective if you are associated with heavy physical activities or are into sports. At the time of taking the mouth guard, ensure that it fits perfectly or else you will feel uncomfortable.
  • Decrease Sugar and Limit Alcohol Consumption – Oral health problems and tooth decay can be enhanced by food with high sugar level. An unhealthy pH balance can also promoted in the mouth because of these types of foods. That is why it is suggested to cut back on soda, candy and other high sugar treats for the health of the teeth and the dental implants.
  • Implants Should be Inspected on a Regular Basis – For signs of irregularities and infections, patients should examine the implants regularly. There can be problems in your implants if there is anything that is not ordinary. That is why patients must not delay and notify the dental clinic immediately if they notice any change.
  • Get a Dental Examination Every Six Months –On an average every patient who has opted for implants should communicate with the best dentist in Greenpoint half-yearly or every six months even though one faces no problem. You should also go for professional cleaning. This is recommended because the rear portion of the teeth cannot be thoroughly cleaned no matter how hard we try with the help of just floss and toothbrush. Dentists are there for informing you and educating you about the goals that you need to achieve in order to retain your oral health in the best possible way.


The above are some of the tips to take care of your dental implants. If you follow the above religiously your dental implants will last long and not give rise to any kind of trouble so that you can smile more often with confidence as you get the true value for your money.

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