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Exercise: A Great Way to Positively Manage Depression

If you’ve lived with depression or know of somebody who has, then you know just how much of a heartache it really is. Waking up in the morning in a cloud of indifference, inertia, sadness, and heaviness…and not knowing how long it will go on for, is part of the depression experience. For some this low time lasts a short time like an hour or two…but for others it can go for weeks or even months.

No matter what your situation maybe, if you are affected by depression or undergoing symptoms of cocaine withdrawal –as most of us are at some point in our lives – there is hope. There are successful ways you can manage your depression and enjoy your life, and one of the much-talked-about ones is exercise.

Exercise Helps Improve Your Health

Forget busting your backside in the gym and dropping and giving me 20! All it takes is three 30 minute sessions a week and you’ll start seeing positive results when it comes to your depression. That’s because exercise stimulates the release of endorphins throughout your body, which naturally improves your mood and helps you sleep better and deal with stress more effectively.

It can be something as easy as a lovely, relaxing walk out in the fresh air of your neighborhood three times a week. Nature itself is a great healer, so combined with the exercise generated by walking three times each week, and you’re on the road to feeling better!

Exercise helps improve your mind and your body, which in turn lessens those horrible feelings of depression you really want to get rid of. And you can overcome the inertia!

Depression can render us totally indifferent to everything, but the gradual approach to exercise is best. Maybe start by vacuuming the house, or taking a walk around the block? Once you start, you’ll feel better right away.

You Just Have To Start Your Recovery

Find a way to start your recovery from depression and inhalant withdrawal symptoms. Even drug and alcohol treatment services are also practicing exercise to make people mind clear and stress So be patient, ease yourself into exercise three days a week, and start smiling and living again.

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What to Expect During Your Visit to the Pediatrician

Having a new little member of the family is exciting for everyone, especially for parents. However, it also entails a lot of responsibilities. One of which is seeing the pediatrician for your baby’s regular well-visits. Even if you are confident that your little tot is healthy, going to the doctor is vital.

But how do you know when is the right time to visit your baby’s physician? You must not miss a consultation schedule of your child within the first two years. The reason is that the first two years are a crucial time in your baby’s growth and development. The doctor will diligently monitor and record the child’s progress physically, mentally, and medically. Here is the baby well check-up schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and what you expect to be done by each visit.

First Week of Birth

Doctors examine a child within 24 hours of birth. They do a full exam, check the normal body functions, and newborn reflexes. Pediatricians also assess skin tone, alertness, the stability of hips and legs, and responsiveness. The tests will also include the eyes, mouth, ears, heart, lungs, and genitalia to ensure that the baby is healthy. Physicians will also take and record physical measurements like length or height, weight, and head circumference. Other things that will be monitored and observed on your baby are the following:

  • Developmental Milestones
  • Social Behavioral
  • Physical Progress

Additional exams will comprise hearing screening and newborn metabolic and hemoglobin screening. Also, expect that your baby will get the Hepatitis B immunization at birth. You will have to bring back the baby to the doctor within the first week of delivery. It will make sure that everything is going well and that the child’s growth is right on track.

First, Second, Fourth, and Sixth Month

During your baby’s first six-month visits, the pediatrician will perform all the examinations done the first time. The doctor will once again observe and record measurements, developmental surveillance, psychosocial and behavioral assessment, and physical progress. All of these will be conducted each time that your baby will have a regular check-up while growing up.

Tuberculosis (TB) test might also be done during the first month, and the second dose of the hepatitis B vaccine can either be administered within the first or second month. Your baby will receive a lot of shots in the second month, which your doctor can combine for less baby crying, as follows:

  • Rotavirus (RV) vaccine, given in two to three doses between the second to the sixth month
  • Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis (DTaP) vaccine
  • Haemophilus Influenzae type b (Hib) conjugate vaccine
  • Pneumococcal vaccine (PCV) and
  • Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine (IPV)

Also, expect that your baby will have the hematocrit or hemoglobin screening in the fourth month. It helps detect anemia at an early stage. Your child will also get the second dose of RV, DTaP, Hib, PCV, and IPV. And in the sixth month, the third dose of DTaP, PCV, and Hib will be given. You can also ask for a flu shot if it is already the season. Doctors recommend giving kids aged six months to 19 years the flu vaccine every year. During this time, doctors will conduct lead screening and oral check-up. Finally, your child may get the final dosage of the hepatitis B vaccine. It is commonly administered between the sixth and 18th month.

Ninth, 12th and 15th Month

The developmental screening to be performed in the ninth month is more thorough. Pediatricians will look for any signs of developmental delays. Your baby might also get a lead screening test. Additionally, the doctor will provide the hepatitis A vaccine, which can be given between 12 to 23 months. And between your baby’s 12th and 15th month, the following immunizations will be given:

  • The Fourth dose of Hib and PCV
  • First doses of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) and varicella vaccines

18th and 24th month 

During this period, your doctor will check for any sign of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). It will check your baby’s reaction to certain stimuli. Early detection of ASD will enable the pediatrician to recommend programs that will help with the child’s development. Your child will also get more doses of vaccines for DTap, hepatitis B, IPV, and hepatitis A if they haven’t been given yet. Other tests that may be required are hematocrit or hemoglobin test, lead screening, TB test, and oral health examination.

Lastly, on your kid’s second birthday, doctors recommend the meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4), especially to high-risk children aged two to ten. Another important test that may be required is the dyslipidemia screening to find early signs of a lipid disorder.

Going to the pediatrician may be taxing. But, the well-being and health of your child are of utmost importance. It is important to keep abreast of changes as you never know if you might need the services of Children Surgery Perth. Thus, always ensure that you stick to the schedule given by doctors and always follow their medical instructions.


Balanced Addiction Treatment

Healing should be focused on your needs, experience, and response to treatment. You get better outcomes when you combine approaches of modern psychiatry and ancient holistic healing to combat addiction from the inside out.

Holistic Healing

Art Therapy

Art therapy prompts the opening of various channels in the brain through artistic expression. Art therapy involves the use of paints, pastels, colored pencils, and other mediums to help you uncover and work through memories and moments you may have locked away.  

Binaural Sound  

Binaural sound meditation involves the use of steady tones played through headphones, with each tone at a slightly different frequency. Your brain balances the two, creating a “binaural beat” which encourages entrance into a meditative state.  

BOOM Fitness  

BOOM Fitness combines a traditional workout routine with dance, yoga, and Pilates, creating a balanced, multi-dimensional workout. BOOM Fitness sessions generally last about 30 minutes to provide a high-impact, holistic workout in half the time of a standard exercise class.

Connecting with Nature

Get out of your head and into nature. This group therapy session takes place outdoors, away from the confines of a building, encouraging openness. Stepping out from the physical walls helps to remove the emotional walls you build up.  

Guided Meditation

The earliest written records of meditation date back to at least 1500 BC. Guided meditation is used worldwide to center and realign your chakras, the starting point for any practice of staying in the present moment. 

Holistic Nutrition 

You have heard that food is fuel for your body; the quality you put into your body determines the results your body returns. Holistic nutrition plans address your body’s individual needs and provide necessary nutrients for mental and physical success. 

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice influenced by Hinduism, Shaktism and Tantra. This branch of yoga focuses particularly on awakening the Kundalini energy, or absorbing the energy of the cosmos, through visualization, meditation, and yoga.


When was the last moment you were truly present? Inactive addiction, it’s easy to find yourself caught up in what’s happening next and forget to live in the now. Through the practice of mindfulness, you will learn to breathe and center yourself to remain in the moment. 

Sound Bath Healing

Immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of sound, a practice dating back before biblical times. Sound bath healing involves the practice of meditation and relaxation, encouraged using gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, and other resonant vessels.  

Clinical Healing

Case Management

A dedicated case manager, who handles your treatment plan, assesses your progress, and helps set up an aftercare plan for you upon completion of the program.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is the most widely used form therapy on both an individual and a group level. It operates under the idea that if you change your thought processes, your behaviors will follow suit. CBT helps you alter unhealthy thoughts that lead to dangerous or destructive behaviors like drug addiction Read Full Guide Here SanctuaryOfTransformation.Com

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy, practiced in both individual and group sessions. DBT focuses on mindfulness, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance to develop interpersonal relations. It is proven to be highly effective in treating substance abuse, dependence, and addiction.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a form of individual psychotherapy that helps you work through and heal traumatic memories to relieve emotional responses to them. It helps foster and activate the brain’s natural healing system in places that were previously blocked.

Family Therapy

A crucial part of successful recovery is a strong support network after treatment. We help you address and reconcile stressors in your family relationships. Your family will gain a deeper and more compassionate understanding of your personal journey. Feel the weight lift off your shoulders as you heal damaged family bonds.

Individual Counseling

Specialists work with you one-on-one to get to know the real you who may be hiding behind addiction. T They frequently check in with you in a safe and confidential space to assess your progress through treatment and to help work through any particularly difficult struggles.

Getting Braces

Getting Braces? 6 Things You Should Expect During & After Installation

“Will getting dental braces hurt?”

This is one of many questions you may have before entering the orthodontist’s clinic to have the device installed into your teeth. To answer the question: No, applying braces is not painful at all.

Of course, that is probably just the first of dozens of queries you may have in your mind. Since people decide to wear braces for different reasons, it may take a lot of time to think through these concerns.

To help ease your mind, here are six things you should expect during and after braces have been installed:

During the Installation

On the day of your appointment with the orthodontist, you should expect that:

  1. The process will take about the length of a movie

If you plan on getting conventional dental braces made from metal or ceramic, chances are that you would have to endure a procedure that will last approximately one to two hours or the entire length of a movie.

It may take a longer or shorter time, depending on your teeth and the type of orthodontic device to be used. In some cases, you may need to return for a second appointment to have it installed properly.

2. You’ll feel slight pressure, but no pain

As mentioned earlier, you should expect no pain when having braces installed. However, you might feel a slight sense of pressure on your teeth during the installation process

3. Mode of installation will depend on the type of braces you have

For conventional braces made from metal or ceramic, the process is simple: After the brackets are installed in thoroughly cleaned teeth, the orthodontist will slide on metal bands around the back molars to anchor it in. Then, the archwires are attached to the brackets using a small rubber band piece called ligature to hold them in place.

Lingual braces have quite a similar process, except that they are applied to the back of the teeth rather than the front.

As for invisible aligners such as Invisalign, the dentist won’t need bands or wires to secure them to the teeth. Instead, these orthodontic devices are molded based on an impression of your teeth to make sure that the trays have a snug fit.

Immediately After

Braces may take some getting used to, especially when eating. Here are several things you should expect days after the orthodontic device has been installed:

4. Difficulty eating

One of the things you should expect to have a bit of trouble with immediately after a dental brace installation involves food consumption. Although it may not be painful, you may take longer eating since your mouth is still adjusting to the new braces. There are even some cases that your teeth may be more sensitive than usual.

With that in mind, make sure to set aside foods that are difficult to chew until you get used to your braces. Starting with a soft diet should do the trick. Among the things you can eat are porridge, macaroni, cheese, mashed potatoes, soups, yogurt, smoothies, and milkshakes.

5. Minor discomfort

Two to three days after the process, you might experience pressure that can sometimes be uncomfortable. This is because your teeth are only beginning to realign with the help of braces and are still getting used to the pressure applied by the orthodontic elastic bands and archwire.

You can ask your orthodontist for a medication in the form of topical wax to be applied on your braces to reduce irritation on your lips and inner cheek.

In the Long Run

Aside from all these, there are also some things that may temporarily change while you are wearing your braces. Some of them are:

6. Temporary diet change

Adjusting to the presence and pressure applied by braces on your mouth takes more or less one month. After that, you should be able to feel close to your normal self, except you may need to change up your diet a little bit.

Although you may be able to eat most foods after the adjustment period, it is strongly advised that you avoid biting or chewing on hard, sticky, and chewy food items, such as popcorn, nuts, hard taco shells, corn chips, ice, hard or sticky candy, gum, and pretzels, among others.

Don’t Forget Proper Oral Care

Regular and correct dental hygiene is vital for oral care in general, but it is particularly crucial after orthodontic treatment. When you get braces, you may need to buy a different set of toothbrushing tools and flossers to ensure that your braces and teeth are free of debris and food particles that may cause plaque and tooth decay.


Dr. Zul Paliwalla is the General and Cosmetic British Dentist at NOA Dental Clinic, specializing in smile-related concerns. With over 33 years of experience in the UK, Dr. Zul has successfully worked on and improved many internationally recognized smiles. He is a certified Invisalign® GOLD provider as well and has brought his elite expertise to Dubai not only to enjoy the sun, sea and sand, but also to offer his brand of personalized smile makeovers.

4 Healthy Foods For Breakfast

 A good breakfast is a great way to start the day. It provides the energy needed to perform better in school or in the office. In addition, good breakfast also increases satiety and avoid snacking which helps in controlling the body weight and you no longer have unwanted fat.

If you include the foods mentioned below in your breakfast in the combination of all of them during the seven days of the week, you will bound to be healthy and fit.

1 – Coffee

Coffee is not only delicious but it also provides many health benefits, so it can be incorporated into a healthy breakfast. Several studies have linked the consumption of coffee with the prevention of some diseases like Parkinson’s, according to the National Parkinson Foundation.

2 – Oats

Oatmeal is a highly recommended food for a healthy breakfast cereal, in particular, to improve heart health. It contains potassium and omega 3 which help in controlling hypertension from early in the morning, so it is very healthy to include in the breakfast. Its fiber content also helps in lowering the cholesterol, delaying the feeling of hunger and accelerates intestinal transit, which may help prevent some cancers such as the colon.

3 – Oranges

Oranges are a good choice to eat fruits in the morning. Its most notable vitamin is vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, an essential vitamin for the body, with antioxidant action and it stops the action of free radicals which are responsible for many diseases such as cancer.

On the other hand, its particular color is due to a compound called beta-carotene or precursor of vitamin A. It is good to improve vision and fight some cancers. Vitamin A also helps in the improvement of the condition of the skin and mucous membranes. Oranges also help lower cholesterol because they contain a type of soluble fiber.

4 – Banana

Eating a banana in breakfast or taking it to the office as a snack is an excellent idea. It is a carbohydrate that helps control hunger. It is also good if you suffer from hypertension problems for its richness in potassium. It contains vitamin B6 and magnesium which are useful for improving the response to stress. In addition, it is a fruit that tends to be a lot smaller, so you can include in your healthy eating with easy transportation, and have it as snacks in your morning or afternoon tea.

This is all about healthy breakfast and you have to follow the healthy approach in the rest of the meals too along with healthy ways of cooking.

5 Best Foods for Your Teeth

Following the preventive measure is the ideal technique to have a good smile and healthy teeth, always. Although with the help of the dentist, you can have stronger and whiter teeth, the best, and also the cheaper way, is to try to prevent cavities and stains by taking care of your teeth in a proper manner. Now it is not restricted to brush and floss your teeth, it but it is also about eating in a proper manner the foods which are good for teeth and avoiding the ones which are not suitable for your teeth.

Always keep in mind that the food we eat can have a big impact on our teeth, more than anything when we eat a food harmful to our teeth excessively. This is why here I will show you what foods will benefit you regarding your oral health, so that you can eat them with care and get their positive effects.

1 – Sugarless Chewing Gum

Sugar-free chewing gum helps in keeping the teeth clean by stimulating the production of saliva which ultimately helps in cleansing the bacteria naturally which can damage the teeth and it also strengthens teeth with calcium and phosphate. It is best to opt for mint flavors since sometimes fruit flavors are made with acids that can damage the teeth.

2 – Water

Water, like saliva, helps to wash acid and sugar from teeth. In addition, water contains a mineral that protects against erosion of the teeth.

3 – Dairy Products

Dairy products such as milk, cheese and others are a great source of calcium, which is essential for healthy teeth. Not only does calcium help strengthen bones, it also strengthens the enamel of your teeth.

4 – High Fiber Foods

High fiber foods, such as green vegetables, promote good digestion and healthy cholesterol levels and they are also good for teeth because they require you to chew a lot. Eating spinach and such vegetables help in cleaning the teeth because by chewing they produce saliva and clean your teeth.

5 – Strawberries

Strawberries contain malic acid, which is a natural enamel bleach. You can incorporate strawberries into your daily diet and you can also put together your own whitening treatment. You have to extract the pulp from strawberries and with a soft toothbrush, spread it through your teeth and you will get a real natural bleach.

Now you know the best foods for your teeth which can help reverse the damage, so you have no excuse to take care of your teeth and keep them healthy.

Sleep Mask Of Which Material Should I Choose?

When you have finally decided on getting that perfect sleep mask to help you get better sleep, there are a few things that you are going to have to decide on. These are usually the Make, Model, Material and Color of the sleep mask and I call these factors as the M3C. You might be going for a satin sleep mask, silk sleep mask, or one of the other various materials that are found in masks that are intended as eye shades. The luxury masks are made of high quality materials and usually even technical materials that are going to actively transfer sweat from your face to the surface of the mask and also support natural air-flow near your face and you are not going to be uncomfortable with them at all and in any way.

Even with the satin sleep masks, you can find a comfortable feel for the reason that they are usually very well-padded so they are quite soft. It would be very uncomfortable to sleep with a mask that has seams which can feel hard on your face and if you are someone like me who likes to sleep on their stomach, then you know that very soft materials are important to have comfortable feel. You have to only look for a high quality mask that is guaranteed to bring you comfort and also darkness and you will sleep a lot better.

If you are not one of the people who enjoy satin, I will have to encourage you to experiment with other fabrics as well. I have personally had one of my best experiences when it comes to sleep masks with models that were made of silk or satin, but most of you are not necessarily unanimous when it comes to this, since some people just don’t like certain fabrics and how they feel. Even so I would have to suggest you to stay away from most of the synthetic materials that are not high tech as you could get allergic reactions and have rash and irritations on the skin on your face. That kind of thing can definitely make you sleep badly and not only for that night, but also the following.

Well, you just don’t just take my word for it and check this article for more details. If you are looking for a satin sleep mask, feel free to buy one on the internet and try it on if you are going to sleep a lot better and feel better with the one you get.


6 Best Foods That Can Help in Increasing Your Metabolism

Despite ample awareness and medical care, obesity keeps growing with every passing day. There could be several external factors that make you obese such as overeating, sedentary lifestyle and eating unhealthy food. But, one of the major and internal causes of extreme weight gain is poor metabolism.

How does metabolism affect your weight loss process?

The food we eat gets converted into energy after undergoing several chemical and biological processes. The faster your metabolism, the faster the number of calories that get converted into energy and easier to lose weight. Apart from metabolism, your body burns calories depending on the following factors.

  • The genes you inherit
  • The lifestyle you lead
  • Workouts and other physical activities
  • Health conditions

Boosting metabolism helps in obesity management. There are certain factors that can help in improving your metabolism. One such factor includes the food habits we possess.

Foods that help improve your metabolism:

1 Protein-rich food: When it comes to boosting the metabolism, protein is an important component. Many fitness freaks love to consume a lot of protein. Below are a few foods that are rich in proteins:

  • Oats
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Almonds

You can also improve your metabolic rate by taking in whey protein, and other weight management products. These products have a high amount of protein content and will boost your metabolism. You can find weight management products online and start using them for better results.

2 Lentils and Pulses: Lentils and pulses are available in almost every Indian house. They not only make a delicious meal, but they do offer numerous health benefits because of their nutrient content. Along with offering several health benefits, lentils and pulses also increase your metabolism rapidly. 

3 Caffeine: We all are aware of the fact that coffee and tea are widely used to refresh one’s mind and body. But this isn’t it. Caffeine plays an active role in boosting metabolism. It keeps the metabolism active and compels the body to convert more calories into energy. So, enjoy your morning cup of coffee to jumpstart your metabolism.

4 Eggs and chicken: Eggs, rich in amino acids make a perfect serving to increase the metabolism. And chicken, which is loved by all, irrespective of age and gender, offers a good amount of lean protein. This delicious dish is a rich source of selenium and drastically improves the metabolism rate.

5 Pepper and chillies: Researches show that spicy foods contain capsaicin that increases your metabolic rate and helps in burning the fat tissues.

6 Cocoa: What better way to lose weight than by enjoying mouth-watering chocolate.  It is proven that raw cocoa helps in improving the metabolic rate. The mono-saturated fats present in cocoa helps in increasing fat metabolism. Raw cocoa is also considered as one of the healthy snacks. So, pop in cocoa-rich chocolate without any guilt. Weight loss is one such process that can be achieved faster when it is attended in multiple ways. Among the numerous ways, improving metabolism is the primary component. So, do not overlook this, and make your weight loss process much easier and simpler.

What are the Types of Gynecomastia?

Before looking for a solution to the problem of gynecomastia, it is very important to know what type of gynecomastia you have. You should first know that there are two types of gynecomastia i.e. the true gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia. Here is a brief description of the differences between each of them.

Type 1 – True Gynecomastia

It is the abnormal development of glandular tissues in the breasts in men. This condition does not imply greater danger, medically speaking, however, it results in a physical and psychological discomfort for the sufferer.

It usually appears in adolescence due to the hormonal imbalances typical of age. Precisely for that reason, the breasts should be corrected in a natural way after a few years. However, in the absence of improvement, this may involve problems with the metabolism and production of some male hormones.

The solution to this type of gynecomastia must be provided by a professional doctor in a way that determines with certainty the origin of the disease.

Type 2 – Pseudogynecomastia

In this case, it is due to the excess of fatty tissues in the pectorals. This type represents good news for the reason that the pseudogynecomastia is due to the problems of overweight, abuse of some drugs or excessive consumption of alcohol. Precisely, this type is the most common one. The deposit of excess fat in the chest area is the main cause of the appearance of visibly large breasts in men.

Now the good news is that pseudogynecomastia is 100% treatable and you only need a good source of information and a lot of will to end this pathology. There are guides to eliminating pseudogynecomastia as well as fat excess in breast area of men, being the most complete and inexpensive source of information on methods of ending this issue for good.

The best way to combat pseudogynecomastia and achieve perfect male breasts is to perform a few exercises while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. With exercises and a healthy diet, you can completely eliminate the male breasts. When we talk about exercises, it is about exercising especially for the lower part of the chest.

What exercises to do in case of pseudoginecomastia?

Aerobic or strength exercises, such as weight lifting, may be a good option for reducing male breasts in men.

Push-ups can help strengthen the chest muscles, so you can try doing four sets of fifteen repetitions.

Shaolin Warrior

How to Become a Shaolin Warrior

Shaolin is perhaps the most famous Chinese monastery in the world, translating as little Forrest  English. It is located on the slope of Songshan Mountain in a picturesque area surrounded by dense forests.

The founder of the traditions of Shaolin is the monk Bodhidharma otherwise known as Tat Moh. He travelled from India and upon finding the Shaolin temple he saw that the monks were frail and weak from their frugal living and lack of activity. This affected their ability to meditate as they had limited focus and mental capacity. He changed what was customary for that time with his understanding of Buddhism, combining prayers, meditation, and physical exercises. He did this by retiring to a cave to meditate for 9 years. The legend goes that at one point he fell asleep during his meditation and was so furious with himself that he tore off his eyelids and threw them out of the cave. These grew into tea plants, being among the very first in China. Another is that if you go to the cave where he sat you can see two holes in the rock where his eyes would stare. It was during these 9 years in the cave when Bodhidharma came up with a set of exercise which we now know as Chi Kung. This is the fundamental energy work, that helps keep the body supple and strong, allowing the monks to meditate for longer periods of time. The benefit to this is they would better train their minds and get closer to their goal of reaching
enlightenment. Through these set of movements, many forms developed into what we now know as Kung Fu.

Due to this unity, the monastery has become not just a place of spiritual development and self-perfection, but also a real centre of martial arts. To know more, you can also visit Nam Yang’s Shaolin Warrior Program ​where they’ve taken this ancient knowledge to Thailand in their mountain retreat. For most people, the term Shaolin Warrior paints an image of a Chinese
soldier, dating back several hundred years ago in a full suit of armour. Today that image isn’t quite true or is no longer entirely representative of that term.As we know Shaolin translates as little Forrest and is simply a place, but to most martial artists it represents the history and traditions of the form theystudy. Kung Fu particularly has a very strong ethos and this can be seen across the board in most systems, you must remember they all came to be for
a reason.

The word Warrior itself doesn’t just mean soldier, it’s something much greater than that. It’s not just about fighting or being able to follow instructions it’s about battling the three wars, your three wars. This is the hardest battle man can come up against, because the opponent is always with you, yourself. It’s one thing to better yourself to exceed others it’s another to continually
improve who you are for yourself and the benefit​ of others. The three wars which I speak of are the mind, body and spirit. Each one with its own challenges and rewards.

To become a Shaolin Warrior you must know from the start your greatest opponent comes from within. Make the conscious choice to accept responsibility, failure, defeat and use them to help you learn to rise above.

The mind:

To develop the mind one must first start their task/training, whether it’s writing, a workout or martial arts techniques. First, you must begin. Once you start, within a short time your mind will reveal to you one of its weaknesses. It may be a lack of focus, the choice to make excuses, frustration at someone else for doing better or getting in the way. The excuses and reasoning your mind has the capacity for is endless, you’ll find yourself defending why you’ve chosen
not to achieve your original goal, whatever that may be for you. In these moments be grateful for these roadblocks, these potentially negative feelings you’re having because what you’ve done is something incredibly useful. You’ve identified a weakness and you now have the opportunity to do something with it, to become better than the person you were yesterday. This is the skill of a true warrior, to see their weaknesses and be grateful that they know them and can change them. In the art of war, a big message that was shared was, to know the strengths and weaknesses of your enemy is successful but to know your own is a true victory.

The body:

Often we focus on the mind and spirit and neglect the body or do the complete reverse and neglect the mind and spirit. Rarely do many people truly grasp the concept of the unity of the three. The body is a very vital aspect of life itself, or at least our life. We may be conscious, we may be spirit but without our physical existence, we wouldn’t be able to experience the pains
and joys of life. Our physical body can play a major part in how we enjoy this world. If we allow ourselves to become sick we can easily create a state of suffering or a feeling of being trapped in our own bodies. But, if we keep the body healthy and mobile we can experience freedom and pleasure. The body is only limited by the mind, all that we wish to achieve is already within reach. So to help the body and mind work in harmony, just like the Shaolin Monks, we practice Chi Kung to keep the body supple and the energy circulating.

The Spirit:

Spirit can mean a number of things. The way in which we feel, the energy that we offer the world, something which sometimes seems intrinsically linked to our character and society. Just think of the phrase “team spirit” and “they had such a great energy about them”. Another way in which people refer to spirit is this entity within us that is undying, eternal and has this love completely unconditional regardless of the influences from our ego and the outside world. Spirit could also refer to the Chi inside of us, this life force energy keeping us growing and our heart beating. A simple solution that tackles most variations of ‘spirit’ is meditation, whether the spirit is your character, the mind or something beyond all that, meditation can and will help. It is a practice that brings every part of you to a state of awareness. Your mind is aware of its thoughts, feelings and memories. The body is aware of its senses and health. The spirit is aware of itself, unconditional love and the connection it has with the world. There are many meditations but the most common and simplest to practice is to simply follow your breath and surrender to these three elements of yourself. Allow the mind body and spirit to be consciously one, even if only for a few seconds to start, eventually you will develop and see the improvement for yourself.

Once you have understood and started your journey with the three wars only then can you begin to consider yourself a Shaolin Warrior. It is something much more than a fighting style it is a way of life. Best of luck on your journey!