The wrong strategies in the weight-loss

The wrong strategies in the weight-loss

Among a large percentage of people who want to lose weight (mostly ladies) exists that cardio workout is a direct route to the slender figure. They believe the training will cardio lead to the tours, and perform only the cardio workouts, usually combined with a diet for weight loss.

As someone who has spent over 10 years in various sentient gyms I have watched a huge percentage of trainees who spend all their time at the gym in cardio workouts. All these people have in common is one – as long as they train, they never achieved that trim figure you wish. Even if you manage to weaken their bodies are just weak, but not tight and good looking.

Why this approach is wrong? Cardio workouts have the potential to build muscle mass, and she gives a tight and shaped the look of our bodies. Also, when you combine them with mode with calorie deficit they cannot retain their existing muscles during the process of weight loss. Here’s what happens to our body when we use only cardio workouts and diet to lose weight. If you are combining cardio workouts diet with a negative calorie balance our body starts to lose weight, as this weight is at the expense of almost equal amounts of muscle mass and body fat. This is a disastrous development for all fitness enthusiasts and especially for ladies with overweight, which most often practiced only cardio workouts. The loss of muscle mass is the last thing you want to happen, as long as you strive to lose weight! The muscles are metabolically active and are the largest users of energy in our body. That’s why, when we lose muscle mass, our metabolism slows, levels of hormones responsible for burning fat and start to burn less fat at the expense of the muscles. As a result of the loss of muscles and poor ratio between muscle and fat our body looks better, although we have lost weight. Problem areas with the most stored fat become visually more granted and soft! The loss of muscles causes a decrease in energy and emotional levels, and weakens the immune system.

Ultimately our lives are less, but away from the beautiful and toned figure. To sum up: The result of the downloading weight only through cardio workouts and diet is: We are losing large amounts of muscle mass, which slows down the process of combustion and weakens our immune system. -Less Weight, percentage body fat remained unchanged/small change. -In the process of downloading do not see any major changes in the landscape and the type of muscle. Problematic areas not only do not shrink, and visually increase, because of loss of muscle mass. -Download of weight slows and becomes more and more difficult because of loss of muscle mass and reduced energy consumption. -Weight loss thus sustained upset your metabolism and hormonal levels. -Excellent conditions for the yo-yo effect and returning the downloaded kilograms after the end of the diet and/or a reduction in activity. If you want not just to lose weight, and to change your real shape, improve your health and to preserve the results achieved do not fall into the trap of this wrong strategy!

The correct approach is: The combination of strength training with weights, cardio workouts and diets. This way you are guaranteed: -Preservation of muscle mass during the periods to reduce body fat. Real change in body composition, more tight appearance and shaped muscles. -Increased metabolism and a more rapid loss of body fat. -Healthier and long-lasting results. And one final tip – there is a very small percentage of people who have tight muscles without weights and got to look good with just cardio workouts. But even those lucky few would have ripped all of the benefits of weight training, if you include them in your program.

The wrong strategies in the weight loss

Bodybuilding Diet

Bodybuilding Diet subcutaneous fat burning goals and shaping the muscles. There are many variants of the diet, but the regular strength training are required.

Bodybuilding Diet typically contains between 2500-5500 kcal for men and 1500-3000 kcal for women, depending on the type and level of physical activity. The breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates and fats is different for different versions of the diet. Some programs recommend 40% carbohydrates, 40% protein and 20% fat, and others – 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat.

At the base of the bodybuilding diet are foods rich in protein and complex carbohydrates such as whole meal bread, pasta and cereals.

Body burns over 50 kcal per day for every 500 g of muscle. So adding 5 pounds of muscle mass, you have to burn an additional 500 kcal daily. In addition to proteins, carbohydrates and fats, water and the frequency of feedings are also important. Bodybuilding Diet for at least 8 hours a day on the water and 1/4 cup of water every 15 minutes during exercise. Water controls appetite and accelerates metabolism.

The main purpose of the bodybuilding diet is shaping the muscles and losing fat, not weight loss. The diet along with regular strength training is part of a healthy lifestyle. The important thing is the proteins to be mobilized in a natural way, since an overdose after intake of protein supplements, leading to dehydration and kidney problems. Bodybuilding Diet is a risk for people with heart problems.

The recommended daily dose of protein is 0.8 g/kg, but for active exercisers can reach 1.5-2 g/kg. Studies have shown that muscles doubled the speed of protein synthesis after exercise and remain elevated for at least 24 hours after that. The quantity of carbohydrates in bodybuilding diet can vary from 40 to 60%, but these levels are not necessarily effective.

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