Wrong strategies for weightloss

Wrong strategies for weight loss

Train hard in the gym at least 3-4 times a week, adding cardio post workout, do sit-ups every day. But things didn’t work out. At the bottom of the belly and butt, do not move for months, and do not give signs that they intend to ever do so. If you recognize yourself in this brief description I have news for you – should pay attention to the way you eat. Many of the people who are involved with fitness training, they have no idea how important the way you eat for the achievement of the objectives in the gym. They think that my training in the gym is enough to get rid of excess weight and to compensate for bad eating habits. But is it so? It is impossible to make up for his bad eating habits with the workouts. As you exercise, if occasionally pull to a fast food restaurant or meal 1-2 times a day – as you fall you will not achieve your goal! To change this you have to understand the importance of nutrition and to nest in it as much as the effort in practice. Nutrition appears far more complex effect on the body.

All the processes and reactions in the body valiant by the way we eat food affects hormones and they regulate all reactions in the body. How we eat influences our mood, ability to work, sleep and energy levels. The food you eat is the main factor in determining our health status and our body composition. When it comes to burning fat food has a critical impact on the processes of combustion. The right combination of food, time and quantity, as well as balance are the main factors that determine whether you will burn fat. Workouts are the stimulus that we need to start combustion. They give the necessary and speed up our metabolism, but if you combine them with the correct individual diet will never make the maximum effect from them. Where can we get the fat burning workouts only and no change in eating habits is strictly individual. There are people who achieve good results in terms of weight loss, without changing their eating habits.

These people, however, are quite small and usually are former athletes or people with type of physics that have uploaded a little overweight. This type of people can easily get back in shape and look good, just through workouts, without changing your nutrition. Of course their results would have been far better and faster with the right diet. But even if you manage to losing weight with a lot of effort into training when you have not changed your eating habits face another problem. It is necessary to cancel or reduce them to practice and then easily return downloaded with a lot of sweat on his forehead. So from everything written here should understand that: -From the food that we can derive the maximum score from the workouts and you will achieve your goals. -No matter how hard to train, if you eat the wrong foods, with harmful or mode with your needs are never going to get the maximum results from your training. -Correct dietary habits ensure faster and more efficient downloads of body fat, as well as easier detention results in reducing training. -Compliance with the correct diet for you guarantee better health, better recovery and better performance in training. Food is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal in the fight with body fat. It’s up to you whether you wish to work for you or against you!

Wrong strategies for weightloss

Burn calories while you sleep – 5 ways

Eat often in small portions. So your metabolism is going to be equally active throughout the day and will certainly continue to burn calories while you’re in bed.

Eat little and often

Eat dairy products

Dairy products are recommended for an afternoon snack or as part of the dinner. They shall contain the protein casein, which helps in fat loss. Casein contains higher levels of calcium and is absorbed more slowly by the body (between 6 and 8 hours). This ensures that your metabolism is going to be up all night, I’m processing casein. Another advantage of casein is that when intake of foods with casein, that will not affect the loss of muscle. Casein attack entirely fat.

Milk and milk products in your diet

Milk diet for a flat stomach

Dairy-vegetable diet

Burn calories while you sleep – 5 before bed

The citrus emphasizes, especially in the evening. They contain high levels of vitamin c and fiber, substances that stimulate the body to eliminate fat. Cup Citrus fresh before bed can do wonders to your body in the morning. The fiber will enable digestion and stimulate the body to separate the fat from the body.

Citrus diet

Emphasize the leguminous crops

Leguminous ultra-deliver to the body so the necessary lean proteins. They also fall in the Group’s slow proteins because of the high content of cellulose.

Bean protein diet

Legumes-hidden treasure

Bet on whole grains

Whole grains contain substances that burn fat, maintain insulin levels low. At the same time, whole grains are the best source of carbohydrates and fiber that do wonders for metabolism. The result of this is burning calories even when you sleep in the Group of whole grains fall quinoa, brown rice, barley, spelled, wheat bran and wheat germ.

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