Reduce Body Fat

Myths In The Workout To Reduce Body Fat

MYTH No. 1: longer cardio = better results. People always associate the execution of a larger volume of work with a better result. But simple math doesn’t work, in terms of results in the gym! The protracted cardio workouts with a constant pace to easily enter the body in a State known as “steady state”. This is an economical mode of operation in which the body enters during the implementation of the continuous cardio with constant tempo. Our body slows down the process of burning energy to be able to deal with the duration of the workout. In addition, the cardio workouts with longer duration (+ 30 minutes) gives a preponderance of catabolic hormones, which can lead to loss of muscle tissue. Especially if cardio workout is executed after the strength training. The correct approach: Do not run with a constant pace cardio workout with a duration greater than 30-40 minutes, to prevent the adaptation of the organism and the decrease in burning calories. Make no longer than 20 min cardio sessions after the end of your power drill.

MYTH No. 2: can’t burn fat with strength training

A well-known fact is that fat burning processes run best under aerobic workouts with constant rate. Our body then there is enough oxygen for oxidation (burning) of fat cells and burn fat during. From this fact had originated the myth that no cardio workouts cannot burn fat. That statement, however, is not close to the truth! In the performance of constant pace cardio workout our body uses fats as an energy source, but the processes of burning stopped almost immediately after the end of the workout. Unlike cardio workouts to burn fat, not force them obey, because the body draws energy from carbohydrate metabolism. But after intense resistance or VIIT (High Intensity Interval training) our body burns significantly greater amounts of energy and fats. This is because power or anaerobic workouts increase our STKK (After Exercise oxygen consumption) – a process that lasts up to 36 hours after the end of the workout and burn a lot more energy and fat than we can burn with a cardio workout with constant tempo. The correct approach: The reduction of body fat, it is possible and without doing cardio! There is no reason not to reduce body fat when you run only strength training, as long as you have them combined with the right diet. Naturally the most effective and fast for most people is an integrated approach, combining strength and cardio workout.

MYTH No. 3: burning fat with cardio workout starts after 30 minutes. If the myth was true, we shouldn’t do cardio workout in less than 1 hour! Fortunately for us, however, claim that fat coming into use with Ed 30th min. the cardio is definitely far from the truth! There is no magic minutes that should clock hits zero before you start the process of burning fat. As long as we have created the necessary conditions in the body (by eating) they can start almost instantly. In the presence of low levels of blood glucose and glycogen reserves, combined with the absence of insulin by the body’s circulatory system “reaching” to fat as an energy source. The correct approach: Not in too long cardio sessions, with the idea that under 30 min they are not effective cardio. Make according to your fitness level in the range of 20-40 min and, if you are suffering from a shortage of time try high intensive interval workout – VIIT.

Reduce Body Fat

Myth No. 4: running is the best way to reduce body fat

Running or jogging is a popular form of cardio workout, but far from being the most efficient way of burning fat for most people! For people with large amounts of overweight running is dangerous and harmful. To them, it puts a strain on the knees and ankles and is not effective for burning fat because of its high intensity. For the majority of fitness enthusiasts running is too intense activity and they are not in aerobic mode of operation when they run, and that puts them at risk of losing muscle mass.

The correct approach: Most practitioners would have ripped more pluses than accent training with free weights and other types of cardio. This is of course not mean that running is bad, just before you turn it on in the training you need to be aware of whether it is really appropriate for you.

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