The Atkins Low Carbohydrate Diet

The scheme is simple: the higher the blood sugar, the pancreas the glands to produce more insulin. And the more insulin is produced; the body becomes less sensitive to the hormone. Simply put, insulin is losing its effectiveness, and more sugar is deposited as fat. So that’s kind of a vicious circle. Of course, the description of this process is very sketchy and figuratively, insulin production in the body and fat is a very complex mechanism used by the human body to obtain food, energy for life.

In addition, there is evidence that some people (probably due to genetic predisposition), are prone to a faster set of extra pounds when consuming carbohydrates, compared with other users the same amount of carbohydrates in the diet.

What you need to know about the Atkins low carbohydrate diet – This diet has a lot of enemies, making arguments that, in fact, has not proven to the end that the extra weight it is insulin. However, the opposite is clear to all: the extra weight causes many people to insulin insensitivity, and diabetics and even more so. Other researchers-critics of this diet argue that increasing amounts of insulin leads to obesity than people consuming too many calories. Simply put, the extra weight is not the fault of the carbohydrates, and due to the excessive caloric intake man. Simply it has proven to be the best for weight loss.

 Benefits of ketosis in losing weight

However, already proven is the fact that as a result, people lose excess weight with low-carb diets, considerably faster than any other diet and it is quite natural. The first 2 kilograms, which quickly lost on a diet with limited consumption of carbohydrates, is water, not fat because carbohydrates hold fluid in the body.

Reducing your carbohydrate intake you naturally start eating more protein and fat. But proponents of this diet argue that even when consuming large amounts of fat, actually losing weight. The reason is a feature of fats be absorbed much more slowly than carbohydrates and delay feelings of hunger, satiety is stored for a long time, unlike carbohydrate, all the time to catch the piece in between meals. It even has compelling historical examples. For example, it is known that Inuit and other northern peoples rarely are obese. But the Foundation of the diet is meat and animal fat.


What is ketosis and what are its benefits when losing weight? There is one more important principle of getting rid of the extra pounds. The goal is to bring the body slimming in one of the natural physiological states. When k the body begins to produce ketones it has so-called adverse chemicals that speed up and simplify the burning of body fat, so the extra weight is lost. In addition, quite often the accumulation of ketones leads to a sense of mild nausea, resulting in a feeling of aversion to food, and fewer people eat.

The main phase of the diet with ketosis

However, it should be noted that although the ketosis, as already mentioned, is the natural state of the body, and does not cause him harm, anyway, for some time, then if too long a preserve of the State, for example, for several months you may start very serious health complications: First, blood urea level increases that can provoke urolithiasis in people who are susceptible. Second, to achieve a certain level of ketones, of the human body begins to get rid of them, at the same time getting rid of important minerals such as potassium and sodium. The loss of their body can lead to dehydration or cardiac arrhythmia. To avoid this there are: carefully follow the diet and take a multivitamin and mineral supplements added. The main phase of the diet lasts 14 days, during which you must strictly adhere to the dietary restrictions, not retreating on milligram. Daily diet slimming on Atkins you should not exceed 20 g. carbohydrates per day. Within two weeks you need to strictly monitor and calculate their number. You cannot control the number of calories and amounts of food. However, you should eat only when you are really hungry and as soon as you have full-stopped eating to painful discomfort in your stomach! Try to eat more slowly, so as not to miss the sense of fullness. Common list of ingredients in accordance with the level of carbohydrates we’ve provided below. More detailed information includes “the Atkins diet, carbohydrate” table, which you can by clicking on the link to the page with the table of carbohydrates.

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