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The 6 Most Important Rules You Must Know Every Newcomer In The Gym

  1. Take your time and do not look for easy ways! Put your clear and achievable short-and long-term goals. As a beginner you need to understand one thing: If you want to be in good health and to have beautiful figure for a longer period of time, of the coming summer or the farewell night ball, you have to turn the gym and eating right for your lifestyle. Shortcuts, such as the use of banned drugs in most cases do not lead to anywhere! Build training and nutritional culture, accumulate knowledge and experiences, and explore your body.
  1. Build the correct technique of performance!

In the incorrect execution of the exercises you risk your workouts to be ineffective and potentially dangerous for you. If you want to have maximum effect, complete training and many years in Hall memorize time invest proper technique of performance of exercises.

  1. Run the program suitable for you and your goals

Do not follow the programs of professional athletes from magazines, and do not attempt to train as the healthiest guys in the gym. Remember that they are not run with 6 workouts a week and 4 exercises for biceps, so you don’t have to. Use a program that suits your fitness level or contact a professional to draw according to your individual circumstances.

  1. Emphasize the development of its coordination, balance and flexibility.

This will improve your technique and will reduce the risk of injuries. Regularly stretch the trained muscles and maintain their maximum volume of traffic.

  1. Adjust your posture and on the construction of a strong and balanced musculature in the center of the body.

The correct position of the spinal column must be a priority for any self-respecting person. Pay attention to your posture during stance, a desk job and especially during the workouts. On the construction of a healthy and balanced muscle in abdominal-sacrum area, this will become one of your best investments. Will provide effective and safe performance in basic exercises with free weights, as well as good vision and strength.

  1. Understand the role of the burdens on the way to your goal!

Carefully choose their weights and bring him up only if you are sure of the proper performance. Remember, unless you’re a power Weightlifters, the weights are not your main objective, but only one of the tools to achieve it.

In The Gym

The most important steps towards tight ass

The sculpted and tight breech parts are the “weapon” that every woman wants to have in your arsenal. But no matter how many are stubborn in the Hall or in proper nutrition most of the ladies did not manage to achieve the results they desire. In order not to be in this group, I wrote this article, which I hope to take the most direct route to the bottom. 

I-St step – Do weight training and proper diet a part of your lifestyle. To build gluteal muscles that you want you need a comprehensive approach. The first condition to have a perfect ass is to have enough muscle mass to deliver tight and shaped appearance. The second condition is the amount of subcutaneous fat that covering it in frontiers in which you do not have cellulite and your muscles are visible enough. In order to fulfill the first two conditions should take an integrated approach to training and nutrition to build enough muscle and subcutaneous fat to decrease his attempts to achieve this purpose. Only through diet or exercise will definitely not bring you the result you want.

2nd step – find out which exercises really work for you and your goal. The most effective exercises to rise on tight and shaped parts are breech exercises with free weights. Unlike the machinery they activate the maximum number of muscles and will help you to burn a lot of energy to pine away excess fat and build muscle mass needed so that to give the athletic look of your butt. Concentrate on the basic exercises with free weights, like: Squat, Lunges, squats Gluteal, American bridge, good morning and Romanian thrust. Strive to become stronger in them and in time you will build muscle mass needed to have concise and rounded ass. Of course, this doesn’t mean not to perform exercises on the machine do not just based on your workout.

III step-choose approach in nutrition, to give you a slow and safe change. Not one-arm bandits in every type of fashion diets and regimes promising quick change! Sharp download weight is associated with a lot of stress on the body and mind, loss of muscle mass, sagging skin and the yo-yo effect. More factors that will not contribute to a better view of your buttocks. Choose a way of eating that gradually to lose the fat and make it their own way of life, to save the results.

Step IV – select high cardio with interval cardio pace in front of the Permanent. Interval cardio (VIIT) provides greater for a longer period of time and greater fat loss to go with constant tempo. Besides saves time and is more fun.

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