The Five Most Important Reasons To Follow The Diet

Reason 1: health as we all know the food you eat can be a poison and a remedy. The choices we make every day determined in what became it for us!

The right and an individual diet will help you sift through the foods that harm you and replace them with ones that will work for your health and goals. Will build long-lasting and healthy eating habits, health condition, the tone and the quality of your life will improve. Reason 2: results and self-esteem Compliance with the diet according to your goals will help you to lose weight, to raise muscle mass and to tighten the problematic areas. The change in the way of nutrition will have a positive impact on all areas of your life. You will know that you are doing the right things for you and your health, and it will bring you satisfaction and self-esteem. Reason 3: for an optimum effect from your workouts without diet according to your personal circumstances and goals are never going to get the most out of the effort put into practice. And as often happens due to compliance with an incorrect diet or lack of it is possible through your way of eating to work against your goals. Reason 4: achieving lasting results almost every person wanting to reduce your weight, observed some type of diet for weight loss. They promise easy and quick results and offer a tempting solution to the problem. But as eventually everyone who tried to follow the diet they understand- diets offered only short-term solution.

Unlike the diets, the respect of individual diet helping to build a lasting healthy eating habits and becoming a way of life, which helps not only to achieve a result, but to keep it. Reason 5: to reinforce the effectiveness of nutritional supplements we’ve all heard how someone taken nutritional supplements for weight loss or gain muscle mass but they just “don’t work”. Usually the cause is rooted in the supplements, and in the diet of training. Remember that even the best fat-burner cannot burn your grandmother medicate, nor is it possible to upload muscles with 1-2 a day, regardless of how modern is your Gaynor. If you want to get the most out of the resources invested in food supplements start from the basics and build your first diet. After what I’ve read so far, you should have found a reason to follow the diet. And if you need professional support for its preparation – at light, you are already in the right place!

follow the diet

Green juices: what you need to know about them?

One of the biggest problems of the modern diet is that the food we eat provides us with plenty of calories, while the systems in the body we are starving and not function properly because of the scarcity of essential micronutrients. What are the benefits of drinking green juices? The adoption of the required daily dose of trace elements and nutrients by eating vegetables is an impossible task, because it requires to eat huge amounts of vegetables. Drinking green juices removes this problem by allowing you to concentrate the useful ingredients of much larger quantities of vegetables. Green juices are an easy way to load your body with important trace minerals in the form of vitamins and minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients, while taking a minimal amount of calories. In addition, they are rich in chlorophyll, which purify the body from toxins. When drinking green juices around the whole process of digestion and serve us the needed nutrients and micronutrients in the easiest, and complete their form at voidance. So far, sounds wonderful, but to make sure you really do something good for your body, when you prepare the Green juice need to be aware of the overall picture. Here’s what you need to keep in mind before you make a green juice: 1. Green juices are not a substitute for the food! One of the main disadvantages of the Green juice is that when we make them lose the fiber from the vegetables. Lack of fiber and the fact that the juice doesn’t need chew, passes quickly through the stomach and does not take up much space off one of the most important mechanisms for satiation and very soon after we drink it, we’re again hungry. Furthermore, despite all the nutrients that your body when powering up, drinking green juices it needs a greater amount of energy and substances such as – cholesterol, essential fatty k-proteins, and e. b.

Bottom line, you need to make is that green juices should not become the basis of our diet, and are more useful as a supplement to it.

  1. The matter of what vegetables ready juice! So we can be sure that green juice that we make is really healthy must prepare with vegetables grown in a natural way. This is particularly important because in the preparation of a juice use many more vegetables than eat. This could mean that we accept several times larger quantities of pesticides and other chemicals used in the mass production of vegetables. 3. The addition of fruit changes the picture. Be careful with adding fruit to your juice, because in addition to taste and they added a decent amount of sugars in the form of fructose.

If you select this option, drink the juice after physical activity to restore glycogen reserves of organismal and to prevent deposition of fat. Conclusion: Plug the Green juice in your system, but remember that they should not become the main food you use vegetables grown in a natural way and enjoy the energy with which you load, and feeling doing something good for yourself.

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