Carbohydrates From Sugar Molecules

Carbohydrates from sugar molecules – As far as the chains of these molecules, they are straight and branched. Starches and cellulose consist of several chains. Specific threads are simultaneously thousands of sugars. In addition, carbohydrates are often subdivided into simple (sugar such as glucose, sucrose, fructose, dextrose) and complex carbohydrates (those that consist of three or more linked sugars).

It is believed that the body’s harmful for simple carbohydrates and complex, in contrast, is useful. But here, things are not so easy. The main caveat is that the body around the “carbohydrate” variety featuring complex carbohydrates from simple is not as clear as we would like it to be and as it seemed before. Not depending upon the order of multiple or single sugar molecules consist of carbohydrates they are broken down in the body similar to glucose that is single sugar molecules so that they are easier in blood. As you know, blood sugar is in the form of glucose, and it is the main source of energy for the human body. Oh and what about?

Glycemic Index foods – The most accurate “carbohydrate” classification at the moment is the glycemic index. This figure takes into account the blood sugar level and the speed of its rise, which is caused by the direct consumption of carbohydrates. Foods that have a high glycemic index quickly raise blood sugar levels, because glucose is absorbed almost instantly.


Development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease

A diet which consists of products with a high glycemic index entails the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Especially the high glycemic index foods, candy bars and baked goods with a high degree of processing (such as white bread and flour). The fact of the matter is that in the process of technological processing of grain, grain loses its shell, which contains high amounts of fiber and rich in starch endosperm quickly turns into glucose.

Carbohydrates with low glycemic index food contained in the wild rice, for example, are much slower. And blood sugar levels as a result of rises gradually. Once in the blood, glucose must be posted on the body’s cells, serving as the main source of energy. Directly in cells glucose takes the hormone insulin produced by the pancreas. The blood sugar level raises faster, the faster and more insulin to be produced. Insulin glucose from cleans our blood, transporting her to the cells of organs and systems of the body, where it actually is used for its intended purpose.

However, the application is not all molecules of glucose, in the blood falls. Excessive amounts of glucose in the blood are facilitated by insulin in the cells in the form of fat. If the body is a problem with the lack of insulin, the excessive amount of glucose leads to diabetes.

Deceit fast-absorbable carbohydrates

Deceit fast-absorbable carbohydrates – Increase in the blood sugar levels and insulin in the body causes a rush of energy. But the level of blood sugar is, unfortunately, inevitable drops, with fast enough. As a result, comes the desire to make up for the lack and exhaustion, they could do it. All this, and makes man more to eat, even when he is not hungry. But when the body is rich source of energy, excess glucose is stored “in reserve”, meaning delays in fats to revise in the future.

When the cells of the body is too large amount of glucose itself there is no need to metabolize fat stores, and fat metabolism stops. A fat, meanwhile, is a backup fuel source organism that is used only in the absence of carbohydrates. Now, I think it is clear why the low-carb diet really works, and why the low-carb diet is a sports diet for fat loss.

By the way, if necessary, in the absence of body fat and carbohydrates, can use as a source of energy and protein. Just because is so important to the low-carb diet for bodybuilding, which requires a set of muscle mass, carried out mainly by proteins and fats.

Revise the list of products – In a vain attempt to get rid of extra pounds, and all shades of diet, you should carefully review the list of foods. For decades, we are persuaded that a low-fat diet will help you stay slim and keep you healthy, and even managed to turn low-power principles in commercial industry.

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