Anti-Diet on Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller does not tolerate the diet and do not deny that there is cellulitis. Don’t you expect from fragile and elegant creature like Sienna Miller, right? Her diet is actually anAnti-Diet and go with the message “Don’t do it!”

“My legendary form is the result of very cleverly purine. Let’s look at the truth in the eyes. I have small tits, cellulite and stretch marks. I love to eat. Eat a burger as I want, and I’m lucky because I’m young. I can feel my metabolism really slows and how soon these burgers will glue on my belly and turned into a whale. Count on the fact that I’m still young. Staying true to the eggs, bacon and waffles. I’m lazy. No real exercise. I walk my dogs and am dependent on it, I’m pretty busy as a man and run many on all sides. Sometimes I practice yoga, but rarely convinces us, Sienna Miller.

The diet of Siena her? Sienna Miller does not stop repeating that disagree with diets and sports, and the low figure is her birthright. Loves to eat eggs, bacon and waffles. He hates to go out with girls who eat only salads. Advise us to enjoy our food, eat croissants and be happy. He’s joking that one day we will wake up and her belly would rest on the floor, but nothing in the world would give up a favorite hot croissants.

Over 90% of women have cellulite problems, but when you hear that Star alongside Sienna Miller also complains about the “Orange skin”, it somehow easier. She admits that she’s responsible for cellulite and stretch marks on your thighs, but not suffering from this fact. On the contrary, continues to eat whatever he wants and to enjoy his youth.

However, I don’t recommend you follow in the footsteps of Sienna Miller. Especially if you are prone to weight gain. And if you want to get rid of cellulite, bet diet and complex of exercises for super tight thighs. Eat healthy balanced menu. Forget burgers, bacon and waffles that is into Sienna Miller. She is weak from birth.


For the diet with love

Actually, cellulite is water that is retained in the fat cells. The reasons may be many, but the core remains. For example, camels hump is also a great cellulite. It is not only “gain” of obese people. Visually “Orange skin” can compare with granulated glue for wallpapers – wipe it with water, it swells.

Cellulite screw is a way for the body to retain water when there is not enough stock and when it does not provide nutrition. When we take a lot of fat, not drinking enough water and body nowhere to get it, he begins to “bottle” alone in the fat cells. As more recently appeared cellulite, the easier we can get rid of it, because over time the fatty cells change their structure. Nutrition helps an average of 90% remove cellulite, and only 10% are specialized cosmetics. Any creams to rub each other, if you don’t eat properly and don’t drink enough water, the cellulite will be part of our body, firm are professionals.

General recommendations for all

There is a classic food scheme which can be applied for 6 days. In the seventh, you can dine as you want. Given by a professional nutritionist or physiotherapist and always takes into account the individual characteristics of your body. However, it is mandatory for all before eating to drink two glasses of water. Meals Cook basically no fat and sugar off of refreshments. When you eat a salad, you forget the heavy sauces, charcuterie and cheeses, salt and limit your expenses to an absolute minimum. Food additives are also an integral part of all but described them before use, be sure to consult with a specialist.

In addition to Cabinet of psycho-somatic medicine and nutritionists, it is good to visit and halls for bodybuilding and gymnastics. It is desirable to practice this activity at least once or twice a week. Even better is to compose a program of light exercises to do at home every day for no more than 20-30 minutes. Undoubtedly, however, will be fun, if you’re running for about 15 minutes of music at home. And dance!

Will add that it is indeed possible to combine the pleasant with the useful, because even one house cleaning is kind of useful physical exercise. Whatever we do, however, one of the most important factors for success and well-being remains positive of things, positive thinking and many smiles.

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