The war against cellulite

Don’t be afraid – it’s not like chasing demons. Cellulite actually is nothing more than a little water, fat and toxins that are not strangers to any woman on the planet.

Scientists have found that about 85% of women have cellulite at some time in their life, so you better get used to it. Of course, you think you’re the only ones with cellulite, while other women are endowed with miraculous smooth and supple skin.

Well, I don’t! Your weight or length of sports do not matter. Hormones are young pranksters, which command a parade.

This disease?

Medicine there is no final answer to this question.

According to some doctors, cellulite is a disease of the tissues but poses no threat to health.

According to a more delicate proposition of other professionals, cellulite is just one of the “normal” places of storage of fat in a woman’s body.

The main reasons for the formation of cellulite are bad eating habits, scanty hydration (must take at least 2 liters of fluids per day), a bad aspiration, low physical activity, excessive, tension, fatigue, cigarettes, coffee and alcohol, bad air.

All these things effect of toxins in the body that the body brings out the most – in the subcutaneous layers, so to keep them away from vital organs.

Do you want help? Easy, fast, cheap!

  1. Proper diet

You need to delete certain types of foods from your diet: food with preservatives and artificial substances, oily food, pasta, dairy products, sauces and dressings, margarine, sugar products.

Pills, salt, cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, all must disappear, if not entirely, at least predominantly from your life.

In their place come: meats, devoid of fat (chicken and fish), cereal, brown bread, boiled eggs, cooked vegetables, lots of fresh fruit on an empty stomach (before eating eat only fruits), fresh vegetables should be present in every meal.

Do not put anything in your mouth between meals.

Drink fluids right after a meal of small SIPs (SIP or two), three hours after a meal and at least half an hour before it on an empty stomach.

  1. Physical activity

We recommend the following exercises:

Workout with stretching

Workouts with heavy traffic (aerobics, etc.)

Remember that the benefit only of those exercises that make you breathe and sweat a lot.

  1. Drink plenty of fluids

At least 2 liters a day, of course, no soda. Most clean water and unsweetened herbal tea.

  1. Special additions

Massage and exercise to correct breathing and relaxation are necessary and effective solutions to combat cellulite. In addition are great resources for coping with stress.

  1. Aerobic stepper

If you’re going to wage war against cellulite, use Air. It’s an aerobic stepper, which uses air as the resistance.

Practice with air starts easy. Just press a button, air fills pillows and resistance you practice nice and secure.

With air every move is targeted and effective. It provides a cardio, toning and strength training. Receive the training appliance 3 in 1, combining cardio and strength exercises with a full body -everything only using air

Fun exercises


-If you’re ready for a bigger challenge, simply rotate the button! With a digital monitor to the appliance will strictly monitor the coming change. It takes account of the precise time of practice, steps and calories burned. You are motivated more than ever.

-No injuries

Sexy ABS without having to sleep on the floor.

-Receive the desired results with exercise only 20 minutes a day

-You burn up to 950 kcal/hour

-Can also be used with additional bands for the load of the upper part of the body.

Against cellulite exercises

It would be three times a week for half an hour (and the best every day in 10 min) to make the following exercises that simultaneously with anti-cellulite effect helps fat burning.

For the hips

Lay sideways on the floor. By resting on the left elbow and right hand put in front of her chest and put her Palm on the floor.

Stretch your left leg and right loop so that his foot to stand in front of your left knee. From this position, lift the leg (the fingers must not Spire) at a height of 15 cm from the floor and move it up and down to the same height as the pendulum.

To have an effect, however, you should aim not to decline the body from the source side leg (i.e. you feel that your body weight is distributed evenly across the entire length).

Mahomet up and down with legs run 20 times. Then take the other side and do the same thing 20 times with the right foot.

For seat

Kneel on the floor and lean on the palms (without folding the hands in the elbow).

Lift your right leg back first and then fold it so as to form a right angle at the knee. Your toes should not be at the Spitz. From this point follow the swing leg up (up to the height of the seat) and down 20 times.

You should feel the tension all the time in the gluteal muscles. Do the same exercise with the left leg.

For abdomen

Lie down on your back and bend the legs at the knees, lean on the floor only after (the arms are parallel to the body). Gently lift the head and neck and fix your eyes on the ceiling one point (e.g. lamp).

Tighten your abdominal muscles, peel off the hands from the floor and mimic movements like trying to become a straight (fingers pointing forward). Repeat the “shots” 10 times. Take a break and then do two more series of 10 laboriously, with rest between each.

For the feet

From the same starting position (as seen in the exercise for the abdominals) without taking the hands and head off the floor, lift pelvis up until you feel tension in the muscles of the back thighs. Hold in this position 10 seconds, then slowly lower your pelvis back to the floor. Repeat 20 times.

Advanced option: in a situation in which you have raised your pelvis up and detained 0 seconds to reach us, please try the solutions knees and again to collect them. Repeat 20 times.

For the seat and thighs

Sit on the floor. Bend your left leg in front of the torso so that the heel is pointing inward. Move the body weight forward and stretch your right leg sideways and gently backwards. For it does not move the torso of this situation, put palms on the floor.

Lift gently stretch leg and try to move it around, Crouching slightly at the knee, with small amplitudes and forward and backward at the same time, to keep him and parallel to the floor. Repeat the movement 10 times and switch legs.

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