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Carbohydrates From Sugar Molecules

Carbohydrates from sugar molecules – As far as the chains of these molecules, they are straight and branched. Starches and cellulose consist of several chains. Specific threads are simultaneously thousands of sugars. In addition, carbohydrates are often subdivided into simple (sugar such as glucose, sucrose, fructose, dextrose) and complex carbohydrates (those that consist of three or more linked sugars).

It is believed that the body’s harmful for simple carbohydrates and complex, in contrast, is useful. But here, things are not so easy. The main caveat is that the body around the “carbohydrate” variety featuring complex carbohydrates from simple is not as clear as we would like it to be and as it seemed before. Not depending upon the order of multiple or single sugar molecules consist of carbohydrates they are broken down in the body similar to glucose that is single sugar molecules so that they are easier in blood. As you know, blood sugar is in the form of glucose, and it is the main source of energy for the human body. Oh and what about?

Glycemic Index foods – The most accurate “carbohydrate” classification at the moment is the glycemic index. This figure takes into account the blood sugar level and the speed of its rise, which is caused by the direct consumption of carbohydrates. Foods that have a high glycemic index quickly raise blood sugar levels, because glucose is absorbed almost instantly.


Development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease

A diet which consists of products with a high glycemic index entails the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Especially the high glycemic index foods, candy bars and baked goods with a high degree of processing (such as white bread and flour). The fact of the matter is that in the process of technological processing of grain, grain loses its shell, which contains high amounts of fiber and rich in starch endosperm quickly turns into glucose.

Carbohydrates with low glycemic index food contained in the wild rice, for example, are much slower. And blood sugar levels as a result of rises gradually. Once in the blood, glucose must be posted on the body’s cells, serving as the main source of energy. Directly in cells glucose takes the hormone insulin produced by the pancreas. The blood sugar level raises faster, the faster and more insulin to be produced. Insulin glucose from cleans our blood, transporting her to the cells of organs and systems of the body, where it actually is used for its intended purpose.

However, the application is not all molecules of glucose, in the blood falls. Excessive amounts of glucose in the blood are facilitated by insulin in the cells in the form of fat. If the body is a problem with the lack of insulin, the excessive amount of glucose leads to diabetes.

Deceit fast-absorbable carbohydrates

Deceit fast-absorbable carbohydrates – Increase in the blood sugar levels and insulin in the body causes a rush of energy. But the level of blood sugar is, unfortunately, inevitable drops, with fast enough. As a result, comes the desire to make up for the lack and exhaustion, they could do it. All this, and makes man more to eat, even when he is not hungry. But when the body is rich source of energy, excess glucose is stored “in reserve”, meaning delays in fats to revise in the future.

When the cells of the body is too large amount of glucose itself there is no need to metabolize fat stores, and fat metabolism stops. A fat, meanwhile, is a backup fuel source organism that is used only in the absence of carbohydrates. Now, I think it is clear why the low-carb diet really works, and why the low-carb diet is a sports diet for fat loss.

By the way, if necessary, in the absence of body fat and carbohydrates, can use as a source of energy and protein. Just because is so important to the low-carb diet for bodybuilding, which requires a set of muscle mass, carried out mainly by proteins and fats.

Revise the list of products – In a vain attempt to get rid of extra pounds, and all shades of diet, you should carefully review the list of foods. For decades, we are persuaded that a low-fat diet will help you stay slim and keep you healthy, and even managed to turn low-power principles in commercial industry.


How To Apples For Unloading?

How to pick apples for unloading? Strange as it may sound, but are ideal for unloading small apples, so to say “from Grandma’s Garden”. These are the fruits of the most useful elements, they are much better than beautiful and great fruit.

Green Apples contain more pectin and vitamin c, so it is preferable to choose them. The greatest benefit of the body bearing fruit with the flesh darkens rapidly on the cut-this shows the saturation of iron, and this element plays a crucial role in blood formation.

Apple unloading and Apple diet: contraindications – The results may disappoint unloading Apple people suffering from stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, especially if eating them fresh. The gastritis with hyperacidity, biliary dyskinesia, stomach and intestinal ulcers, large quantities of fresh apples are, in principle, not just for unloading. But you can eat fruit and baked in these issues.

Moreover, any restrictions do not exist – However, prior to discharge in any case after consultation with the doctor. Apple Crusher discharge day – Testimonials demonstrate in favor of Apple unloading is a useful and accessible in all senses is cleansing the body. In General, for weight loss and cleansing nutritionists recommend exercising unloading once a week for one day. Apple diet, that is, a prolonged unloading on 3 or more days, is considered tight enough loads on the body, and therefore it should not get carried away. Professional reviews agree that the weekly Apple fasting days will yield much better results and greater benefit than diet.

Apples For Unloading

Reviews of slimming on apples

Reviews of slimming on apples that hold one discharge day on apples is not difficult, although the change at first is problematic, because apples do not suppress appetite. The results really justify, they felt, but to see them on the scales after the first use is far. It is a promising weight loss product with health benefits, rather than a Sprint reset weight. Activated carbon for weight loss: how to cleanse the body and How to drink activated carbon.

To complete the effect of users recommended the discharge up to 2 times per week on a regular basis than a month to really get rid of 5 kg to 7 kg or more of excess weight. But remember, if your state of health inspires some fear before using Apple menu; better consult your doctor first.

Low-carb diet is the popular sports diet for fat loss – Great importance was attached to carbohydrates. Many people who wish to lose weight, drew attention to the sporting diet for fat loss, and realized that the low-carb diet and bodybuilding “hide” the secret of successful correction with power. The secret to this is simple: the excess carbohydrates in the diet leads to fullness. This is why low-carb diet last decade is at the peak of its popularity.  What is the relationship of carbohydrates in foods and fat deposits? It is believed that proper diet and carbohydrates in foods are mutually exclusive things.

The number one enemy in the war against extra pounds

Exactly how carbohydrates in foods Act on the organism, and the amount of body fat? It turns out the excess carbohydrates in the diet is one of the main causes of obesity. However, the number one enemy in the war against extra pounds were declared themselves fat. And today there is a great variety of different diets, menus, schedules, programs and “pyramid power”, which are aimed at reducing consumption of fat. Creating low-fat products, dedicate their activities of global companies, in an effort to make them the basis of everyday food of each individual. But does the blame fat? This question any more or less experienced bodybuilder will answer a clear “no”! But what is really the truth?

Not all carbohydrates are good same – A lot of noise at one time raised the low-carb diet to promote weight loss more than low-fat diets. The basis of all diets is mainly carbohydrates. However, many clinical studies have shown that humans are not all carbohydrates and not in any quantity. Moreover, the researchers found a direct relationship between excessive consumption of carbohydrates and fat.

However, carbohydrates to foods are a huge niche and food without them is very problematic. They are present in most common bakery products, rice cereal, pulses, vegetables, dairy products, and even in animal products. Carbohydrates exist in three basic forms: sugar, cellulose and starches. They all, in one way or another, get into the human diet-and rightly so, it is important to only-in what the ratio.

Apple Crusher discharge day inpregnancy

Apple Crusher Discharge Day In Pregnancy

Moreover, even the one Apple results gives a discharge in the form of improved skin condition, disappearance of the problems with the bowels. As for the weight loss, the results of Malic unloading becomes burning a small amount of fat tissue, from 1-2 kg per day. However, here is another: from time to time by Apple discharge day for weight loss sets up body to gradual steady weight reduction toward normal.

Classic Apple unloading – Pure Apple Cider diet day is unloading classics and involves the use of all day long purely Apple alone. This not only allowed them to eat fresh fruit portion is entirely appropriate, bake in the oven. The daily norm of apples is -2 1.5 kg of fruits. For unloading fit absolutely any variety, however it is advisable not to choose a very sweet and not too sour fruit. In addition, it is recommended to drink unsweetened tea or sparkling water. Eat apples worth fractionally, about 5-6 times in a single day of discharge-this will avoid feeling strong hunger and endure the diet.

Apple Crusher discharge day in pregnancy – In view of the benefit and the need, doctors often recommend a discharge date on apples during pregnancy: during the day, for 5-6 receptions need to eat 1.5 kilograms of apples. Fasting days of pregnancy, especially on apples, have an absolute right to existence, the only “but”-they must be agreed on with your doctor.

Apple Crusher discharge day inpregnancy

Apple Crusher discharge day during pregnancy

Of course, discharge is only shown when it is necessary to cleanse the body, stabilizing the rapid set of overweight. Typically this rest the body is given not only when there is excess weight during pregnancy, but also in the head.

Not infrequently happens that by the middle of the day women feel the lightness in the body, and by late afternoon the swelling disappear without a trace. If the doctor recommends that you discharge during pregnancy should not be afraid that you’re harming the baby. As a rule, fat women are getting so large a stock of various substances and microelements that your baby is not to assimilate them and within a week, not that day. Important note: there are some contraindications for this, so consult a doctor is a must-no performances during pregnancy!

Apple Crusher discharge day pregnancy experts advise to hold no more than once in 7-10 days. We also recommend that you arrange the unloading immediately before childbirth. Discharge day on apples and kefir – Apple-kefir discharge pregnant women also recommended, especially those who suffer toxicosis. During the day you should eat 1.5 kilograms of fresh apples and drink 1 liter of yogurt (low-fat) and 1-1, 5 l of pure and carbonated water. The regime, the recommendations are the same as in the previous case, fractional, with small breaks between meals also allowed to combine yogurt and apples in Les cocktails, for example, or to eat them one by one.

Unloading on Apple juice

Apple-Honey discharge day – This unloading enriches Apple menu natural honey. In addition to apples is three times a day, morning, and noon and in the evening, eat 1:0 spoon of honey. Consumption of apples it limits, and 1-1, 5 kg of fruits (better to use sour). But drink water as soon as possible, with the desire to drink per day is recommended to order 2-2, 5 liters, preferably mineral and carbonated water.

Unloading on Apple juice – This option is a medical discharge, as it helps to cleanse the gallbladder and liver. And she is not hungry, in the conventional sense of the word. Discharge mode is as follows: in the morning (after waking up), you should drink a glass of natural Apple juice (250 ml), through the 2:0 you need to again use the juice, increasing the rate of liquid up to 500 ml. Then at intervals of every 2:0 must be taken again to 250 ml of juice. However, the latter should use glass to 20.00.

In addition, starting from 4 p.m. to after serving juice to eat on one tea spoon of vegetable oil and we recommend that you take a warm bath before going to bed, which will stimulate the discharge of bile from the body. In between drinking juice, you can eat raw apples or any other raw fruits or vegetables.

Weekly Diet Schedule To Lose Weight

Weekly Diet Schedule To Lose Weight

MONDAY – Breakfast: fruit yogurt, hardboiled egg, one cup of coffee or tea without sugar (you can, but you do not want to use sugar substitute). Lunch: vegetable salad (cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, parsley, green onion), seasoned with lemon juice and vegetable oil, braised beets and carrots, cranberry apple juice. Snack: one cup of warm herbal tea or juice or broth. Dinner: boiled chicken Skinless meat-100 g, 50 g cheese, a cup of yogurt (nonfat or flavored low-fat).

TUESDAY – Breakfast: one medium Orange, bread with bran-2 small pieces, tea without sugar (you can, but you do not want to use sugar substitute). Lunch: salad of boiled shrimp with dill, dressed with mayonnaise-100 g, boiled beef or veal-100 gr., yogurt. Snack: juice or warm glass of any herbal tea or broth Dinner: boiled cauliflower, seasoned with soy sauce-150 g, jacket potatoes, bread with bran-1 slice, tea (you can, but you do not want to use sugar substitute).

WEDNESDAY – Breakfast: ham-1 slice of low-fat, fat-free cottage cheese-100 g, tea or coffee (you can, but you do not want to use sugar substitute). Lunch: salad of boiled mushrooms with green onions, lemon juice and olive oil-100 g, boiled potatoes, stewed cabbage-200 gr., Kiwi-2 PCs. Snack: juice or warm glass of any herbal tea or broth. Dinner: fish stew-100 g, a glass of fat-free yogurt, yogurt with toppings.

THURSDAY – Breakfast: muesli, 25 Gr., banana, tomato juice, coffee (you can, but you do not want to use sugar substitute). Lunch: hardboiled egg, perch, fried with onion-100 gr. Snack: one cup of warm herbal tea or juice or broth. Dinner: salad, seasoned with vegetable oil, bean stew with parsley, boiled potatoes-1 PCs., bread with bran-1 slice, tea (you can, but you do not want to use sugar substitute).

FRIDAY – Breakfast: yogurt, cooked soft-boiled (“in the bag”) egg, tea (you can, but you do not want to use sugar substitute). Lunch: salad of boiled beets dressed with olive oil-100 g, boiled rice with soy sauce-100 g, a glass of juice of tomato. Snack: one cup of warm herbal tea or juice or broth. Dinner: curd-100 g, cheese-50 g, yogurt without fillers, glass of low-fat warm milk before going to bed.

SATURDAY – Breakfast: corn flakes (25 g) with milk, coffee (you can, but you do not want to use sugar substitute), yogurt with toppings. Lunch: hardboiled egg, braised beef liver-150 Gr., yogurt. Snack: juice or warm glass of any herbal tea or broth. Dinner: red cabbage salad with parsley and extra virgin olive oil, bread with bran-1 slice, Kiwi-2 PCs., tea (you can, but you do not want to use sugar substitute).

SUNDAY – Breakfast: hardboiled egg, cheese-100 g, tea or coffee (you can, but you do not want to use sugar substitute). Lunch: salad of carrots and cabbage, with lemon juice and vegetable oil, fried mushrooms-100 g, boiled rice 100 g, orange juice, 1 Cup. Snack: one cup of warm herbal tea or juice or broth. Dinner: crab, topped with lemon-50 Gr., stewed beef liver 150 g, a glass of warm milk before going to bed.

Apple Crusher discharge day for weight loss

Apple Crusher discharge day for weight loss – If you believe the dietician, Apple Crusher discharge day much more useful and better than any of the existing low-calorie diets. Apple removes excess weight gradually discharge, scraping along the body from various harmful. Losing weight on apples and you do not risk gaining the lost weight back.

The beneficial properties of apples and Apple Cider discharge day for weight loss – Apples are people historically is immensely useful, very tasty, juicy fruit always enjoyed high popularity. Discharge day on apples can not only lose weight but also to cleanse the body and improve metabolism. Apples have low energetic value, i.e. the energy value of the product is approximately 47.5 kcal per 100 g. A useful fruit flesh contains proteins, carbohydrates, unsaturated fatty acids, starch, and dietary fiber.

The apples included organic acids, macro-and microelements, such as: iodine, zinc, iron, calcium, potassium, fluorine, phosphorus, etc. The fruits are rich in vitamins, such as vitamin b complex, vitamin a, c, e, h, and k.

In addition, apples have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. To eat their recommended for metabolic and digestive diseases, the Apple menu in the diet provides a mild laxative, diuretic and cholagogue effect on the body.

In terms of nutrition, it is believed that these fruits prevent the formation of fat in the body. Apple diet helps reduce bad cholesterol in the blood and serves as an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis. Due to its composition, the juicy fruit, remove free radicals from the body, prevent the onset of premature aging and hamper the development of cancer cells.